Share Your Extra Food With People in Need Near You.

Find Food When You Need It

Food Donated and Shared to Your Local Community through KitchenMix

How Does KitchenMix Works?

Bag It

Bag it

Find those items you no longer enjoy; maybe you bought too much of one item, or, you’re simply ignoring the perishables until they’re only fit to be thrown out.

Post It

Post it

Place your items on the KitchenMix site by simply clicking on Donate Food button.

Share It

Share it

Message fellow KitchenMixers and meet up to share your groceries and feel good about helping your community. There is food for everyone!

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Share our KitchenMix Grocery bags!

Kitchen Mix has customized our grocery bags just for our users! It serves two purpose, the first is to help you recognize our subscribers at pickup and drop off, and it’s another way you are helping by donating to our kitchen mix charity.

-Get a free grocery bags
– Purchase grocery bags


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