What is KitchenMIX?

KitchenMix is a charitable Food Sharing platform. It was created to allow us to freely share our excess foods and kitchen products with anyone who needs it. We are living in uncertain times, and with rising food costs, we can’t afford to let good food go to waste. Do a good deed today, let’s share our food!

How does KitchenMix work?

  • Scour your kitchen cupboards, fridge and pantry.
    Find those items you no longer enjoy; maybe you bought too much of one item, or, you’re simply ignoring the perishables until they’re only fit to be thrown out. If you can afford to pick up extra food that’s on sale, please go the extra mile and be a blessing!
  • Put your excess foods in our KitchenMix bags!
  • Post and share it on KitchenMix!
  • In need of groceries? Go to KitchenMix!
    Join KitchenMix to start freely giving and receiving groceries!
    KitchenMix, there is food for everyone!

Subscribe to KitchenMix

1. Help people in need of extra food.
2. It’s a place to help reduce your grocery bill.
3. Reduce food wastage.
4. Browse and choose from a wide variety of free groceries.
5. Enjoy the feeling of an online grocery shopping experience, for free groceries!
6. KitchenMix is for everyone! Your income or job status is non-applicable.
7. Connect in your community through sharing and caring.
8. KitchenMix gives you the opportunity to give and receive, like good friends and neighbors!

We have our branded KitchenMix grocery bags to alleviate the stigmatized feeling of poverty; we’re all in this together. KitchenMix is a kind, food-sharing experience. The grocery giver and recipient must use/ exchange grocery bags, which helps make both the giver and recipient recognizable at pickup.

The Mission Is To Blend
The Love Of Food With
The Joy Of Giving Back To The Community