Kitchenmix was created to help each other with rising food costs by sharing the excess foods that accumulate in our fridge and kitchen cupboards.


Welcome to KitchenMix, food availability may be limited currently, because we have just recently launched our site. You may be one of the first people to start sharing and receiving food on our site, thank you for being part of making a difference in our community!

KitchenMix was created to allow us to share our excess foods and kitchen products with anyone who needs them, for free! Kitchenmix there is food for everyone! We are living in uncertain times. With rising food costs, we can’t afford to waste. But we can afford to be kind.

Let’s share our food!


Scour your kitchen cupboards, fridge, and pantry!

Find those items you no longer enjoy, maybe you bought too much of one item, or, you’re just ignoring the perishables until they’re only fit to be thrown out.

Join KITCHENMIX to start freely giving and receiving groceries! 

Upload images of your excess foods to our Kitchenmix bags and share it on KITCHENMIX! 

KITCHENMIX, there is food for everyone!

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